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In this article, you can find useful information about RichPush features

Conversion tracking

Let's talk about one of the most significant features of the platform —  tracking

You can certainly track the effectiveness of your push ads on your side. And in order for this data to work for you with a double benefit, you can set up its transfer to our side.

On RichPush you’ve got 2 ways of setting up the conversion tracking:

  • Postback request
  • Tracking pixel

Setting up a tracking opens many new possibilities by allowing you to optimize your campaigns manually, or automatically.

The main benefits of setting up tracking in your campaigns are:

Let your customer success manager see the most profitable sources, and, as a result, you can fully account to help you optimize your campaigns by your expected CPA. 

Using such tools as “automated rules”, and target CPA (more than 10 conversions must be tracked to turn it on). It allows you to optimize your campaigns automatically.

It also opens new possibilities for using the Micro bidding option. If conversions have being tracked by our system, you will be able to set the rules for automatically bid changing for particular sources. (As increasing the bid for the most profitable one)

Without setting up tracking, customer success manager is not able to help you with blacklisting and whitelisting sources, in case the CPA is higher than expected because it will be finger to the sky. But if you will let us help you — we will do our best to make your data fork for you with the maximal profit ;)

Target CPA

First of all, let's start with the definition of Target CPA

Target CPA — an option on our platform that will help you automatically optimize your campaigns and get the ideal conversion price you need. 

This is the easiest way for you to keep track of your statistics and use it to achieve the best results possible without wasting lots of time on it. The system will do everything for you without the need to optimize on your end. 

Let’s talk about how it’s work. 

When you create your campaign you can set Target CPA (conversion price that you are willing to get). Then you activate your campaign and when you receive more than 10 conversions the system automatically starts to optimize your campaign till the ideal conversion cost is met. 

There are many methods that will be used to get these results. The system may create automated rules for you based on the statistics and your goals. Micro bidding to get more traffic from the sources that are working effective bringing you lower price conversions, or make the bid for some sources, creatives, OS, subscribers lists lower so you will not overspend on them. The system can also take down some subscribers lists, OS, creatives if they are spending your money with no result, blacklist publishers and site IDs if they are not working for you. 

So far it sounds good, isn’t it? 

Try it now, and see the results yourself!

Creatives in push notifications

To get the desired results from campaigns, you need to pay special attention to creatives!

As you know, push notifications consist of two main parts: 

  • image (icon and main image), 
  • text (title and message).

As a rule, the first glance of the user falls on the picture, it should encourage action. It is necessary to get a clear picture that corresponds to your offer. Icons attract more attention than the main images and convert better, especially when it comes to mobile traffic.

The title and message are also very important. The title should contain specific and catchy information. It does not need to contain three sentences and all the information about the product, you can hook the user with ONLY one sentence. You can create texts up to 30 symbols in the title and up to 45 in the main text.

Our platform allows you to put a lot of creatives in your campaign. You can add different pictures, icons, come up with different text that will attract the attention of your target audience. 

Even one of the creatives will not be noticed, the user always can see other creatives in your campaign.

We recommend to add at least 4-5 creatives to your campaign, all of them should be different. After the first tests, you can understand which of them work better and which should be replaced. 

At any time during the campaign, you can pause the creative. 

Using several creatives in one campaign will help you find your users and achieve the desired goal as fast as possible.

To maintain a good CTR, we recommend to change them every 5 days. In addition, your personal manager will be able to help you with this!

Emojis in creatives

What is an Emoji?

An Emoji is a visual representation of an emotion, object or symbol. Emoji can be used in modern communication apps such as your smartphone’s text messaging or social networking apps.

Why they are so popular? 

Emoji are a great way to add personality to a text-based conversation. For the quick text, sometimes sending one tiny emoji is easier than typing up a response. Everything needs to be conveyed immediately, and nothing is smaller or more expressive than an image.

Why do you need them? 

Emojis are great to express your emotions when you have no words to say everything you want. People will take your message on some kind of emotional level and it will catch them more. When combined with text, emojis can help condense longer sentences, making them easier to understand. Emojis with text can even reduce the time spent reading a sentence to understand it, so they're great for grabbing the attention of people who simply glance at push notification. Emojis paired with text can also help break down language barriers, allowing a message to be understood even if the reader does not speak the language the text is presented in.

Where to find Emojis? 

The best option would be to search them on Google or similar search engine. After that you can copy-paste them and use it in the title and the message of your creatives.

  • Be sure of the meaning of the emojis you use.
  • Use emojis for real-time engagement.
  • Try to avoid cryptic and indecipherable messages.
  • Use emojis only in the appropriate time and place.
What you will get? 

With the proper research and use, those little emojis have the power to take your push notifications to the next level. 

Since your messages will be more catchy your CTR will increase compared to other advertisers. Push notifications with emojis get an average of 85% greater direct tap throughs compared to the same message without emojis and 11% bump in conversions.

RichPush team sincerely hopes that this article about Emojis will help you with your campaigns.


Have you received a few conversions in your campaign? 

It doesn’t mean that the offer is bad or the network provides poor-quality traffic. Perhaps you are not getting to the target audience. You can spend a lot of money on the source, but it doesn’t give conversions. 


In this case, we suggest you to use our option of blacklists. 

Blacklists allow you to block non-converting or expensive sources. 

When you create a campaign, you select the Subscriber lists to whom notifications will be sent. Subscriber lists are different in content policy.

Thus Subscriber lists consist of publishers, publishers in there turn consist of sites. 

Do you know anything about blacklists? 

To make a blacklist you need to check in the tracking system or Rich Push report sites and publishers that were expensive for you and didn’t bring results. This list we put into the blacklist. 

You can also use the whitelist. But for whitelist, you need to collect a lot of information before you select the appropriate sources. If you select whitelists, traffic will flow only from the publisher or from the specific website of the publisher. 

Timely sorting of traffic and optimization of the advertising campaign to reduce the cost of conversions by 2 times! 

We recommend you regularly update your black and whitelists to improve your ad campaigns. 

Automated rules

If you are sick and tired of adding your blacklist all the time, we have a great solution for you —  Automated rules! This is a nice way to spend 5 minutes on creating some basic rules for the black or white lists that will continue working automatically without the need to check them all the time. 

To make it happened, first of all, you need to choose what you are going to work with. 

You can apply these rules for:

  • publisher IDs, 
  • site IDs, 
  • OS, 
  • creatives, 
  • browsers, 
  • devices, 
  • campaigns. 

You can choose the actions: to add a source to the black or whitelist, increase or decrease a bid.

Here you can see how it all should look like: 

In a “Period of time you can choose the period that will be analyzed, it’s better to start with “Last two days”, so the system will analyze everything that has been happening during last two days and add to blacklist everything that is not working well, but you can also set “Today” or “Уesterday”. When it comes to the frequency, you can choose “Asap” — the system will check your statistics every 20 minutes — or you can choose “By Time” and set the frequency yourself.

Let’s study some examples to understand how it all works. For example, your CPA goal is $5 per one conversion, and you want to make a blacklist for all the publishers that are spending more than CPA goal, but not bringing you any result. Set the rule to blacklist all publishers if spend on them is greater than $7 and the amount of conversions is less than 1. Choose  “Last 2 days” as a period of time, so the system will analyze everything that has been happening during that time. Set frequency “Asap”, so the checkup will be made every 20 minutes. 

Automated rules will help you to save your money and time while having the best results possible. Try it now!

Micro bidding

Micro bidding is a pro feature for those who want to optimize their campaigns for maximum performance and accuracy. 

It allows us to make a custom bid for a parameter and treat it differently within a campaign. There are 13 such parameters (which you can combine), for example:

  • Publisher
  • Device
  • OS
  • Location
  • etc.

Micro bidding saves you money and time because you don't need to create multiple split campaigns, blacklists or whitelists anymore. 

Let's look at some examples to see micro bidding in action.

Example 1
Let's say your target CPA is $2.5. Android 8 is the most converting OS, but the overall CPA is $2.9. Typically people think about blacklisting, but blacklisting Android 8 will cut 78% of traffic. Reducing CPC just for Android 8 i.e. by 20% would be a much better solution.

Example 2
Two of the most converting publisher are way below the target CPA. Win Rate is a measure that shows how much traffic you buy from the parameter. In this case 62.5 and 43.8 respectively. By raising CPC for them we can buy the rest of the most relevant traffic left.

Micro bidding parameters

The structure is the following: parameter:value:operation with a bid.

Parameter Value Example
sub_list_id enter an Subscribers List ID, e.g. 1197  sub_list_id:1197:-0.2
publisher_id enter a publisher ID, e.g. 48965 publisher_id:48965:+1
site_id enter a site ID, e.g. 41563 site_id:41563:/0.5
carrier enter a carrier, e.g. SFR carrier:SFR:+0.4
device mobile, computer, tablet, other device:mobile:*0.4
connection_type enter a connection type: wifi, cellular, ethernet connection_type:wifi:-0.1
ISP enter an Internet provider, e.g. Orange isp:orange:+0.1
OS enter an operating system, e.g. android 6 os:android 6:-0.9
weekday MO, TU, WE, TH, FR, SA, SU weekday:fr:*0.4
hour put the number from 0 to 23 hour:15:-0.3
ip enter an IP, e.g. ip:
region / city / zip region / city / zip region:ca:+0.1 
creative_id enter a creative id, e.g. 38746 creative_id:38746:+0.7

Register is of no importance. 

Operations with a bid:
+ --- add to a bid 
-  --- deduct from a bid 
*  --- multiply a bid 
/  --- divide a bid 

NB! If you use more than one rule, e.g. country:usa:+0.2 and device:mobile:+0.3 in case when both rules are followed 0.5 (0.2+0.3) will be added to the bid.

Personal manager

Our team is highly qualified professionals who have great experience in push traffic, though they can give you good recommendations for your creatives and campaign’s settings.

Our customer success managers have all the relevant data about traffic, CPC, actual volumes, verticals, and GEOs. Therefore only your personal manager can explain to you all the unique features of the RichPush platform, tell you how to use them properly, help to avoid mistakes and achieve your goals. With the manager’s help, you can accomplish your aims with push traffic two times faster. They will make you spend your money as efficiently as possible in case if you will make trust contact with them.

RichPush team will guide you on different levels of work with our platform: starting from the first contact and going forward to scaling your campaigns with settings that fit them the best. To provide you a better experience with RichPush we train our managers to help you on different steps of interaction with the platform.

You also can receive a wide analysis of your campaign’s results and have pieces of advice how to optimize it accordingly to collected data and deep knowledge of our specialists.

Thanks to a long and efficient partnership with our customer success team you will know about all bonuses and privileges of RichPush platform.

That’s why it will be great to see your manager not only as your partner but as your friend as well.

Ad Rank

Ad Rank indicates the actual campaign's position in the auction at the moment. It means that Ad Rank determines whether your ad will be shown to users or not and now it is shown in the interface.

This feature is formed by two measures: CTR and CPC.

Ad Rank can be  high, mid or low. Each of these types will be described in more detail below.

High Ad Rank indicates that both CPC and CTR of the campaign are high and it is fully involved in the bidding. The campaign has a high position in the auction.

Mid Ad Rank indicates that CTR of the campaign is lower than the average one and CPC is not compensating it, that's why the campaign receives less volumes. It is recommended to change the creatives or to raise CPC. In this case the campaign will get higher in the auction.

Low Ad Rank indicates that both CTR and CPC of the campaign are low and our system kicks the campaign out of the bidding. It is recommended to change the creatives and raise CPC to increase your Ad Rank.

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