Conversion tracking

Let's talk about one of the most significant features of the platform — tracking

You can certainly track the effectiveness of your push ads on your side. And in order for this data to work for you with a double benefit, you can set up its transfer to our side.

On RichPush you’ve got 2 ways of setting up the conversion tracking:

  • Postback request
  • Tracking pixel

Setting up a tracking opens a lot of new possibilities by allowing you to optimize your campaigns manually or automatically.

The main benefits of setting up tracking in your campaigns

Let your customer success manager see the most profitable sources, and, as a result, your account manager will help you to optimize your campaigns by your expected CPA. 

Use such tools as automated rules, and target CPA (more than 10 conversions must be tracked to turn it on). It allows you to optimize your campaigns automatically.

It also opens new possibilities for using the Micro bidding option. If conversions have being tracked by our system, you will be able to set the rules for automatically bid changing for particular sources. (As increasing the bid for the most profitable one)

Without setting up tracking, customer success manager is not able to help you with blacklisting and whitelisting sources in case the CPA is higher than expected, because it will be finger to the sky. But if you let us help you, we will do our best to make your data work for you with the maximal profit ;)

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