Have you ever received few conversions in your campaign? 

It doesn’t mean that the offer is bad or the network provides poor-quality traffic. Perhaps you are not getting to the target audience. You can spend a lot of money on the source, but it doesn’t give conversions. 


In this case we suggest you to use our option of blacklists. 

Blacklists allow you to block non-converting or expensive sources. 

When you create a campaign, you select the Subscriber lists to whom notifications will be sent. Subscriber lists are different in content policy.

Thus Subscriber lists consist of publishers, publishers in there turn consist of sites. 

Do you know anything about blacklists? 

To make a blacklist you need to check in the tracking system or Rich Push report sites and publishers that were expensive for you and didn’t bring results. This list we put into the blacklist. 

You can also use the whitelist. But for whitelist you need to collect a lot of information before you select the appropriate sources. If you select whitelists, traffic will flow only from the publisher or from the specific website of the publisher. 

Timely sorting of traffic and optimization of the advertising campaign may reduce the cost of conversions by 2 times! 

We recommend you to update your black and whitelists regularly to improve your ad campaigns. 

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