Creatives in push notifications

To get the desired results from campaigns, you need to pay special attention to creatives!

As you know, push notifications consist of two main parts: 

  • image (icon and main image), 
  • text (title and message).

As a rule, the first glance of the user falls on the picture, it should encourage action. It is necessary to get a clear picture that corresponds to your offer. Icons attract more attention than the main images and convert better, especially when it comes to mobile traffic.

The title and message are also very important. The title should contain specific and catchy information. It does not need to contain three sentences and all the information about the product, you can hook the user with ONLY ONE sentence. You can create text up to 30 symbols in the title and up to 45 in the main part.

Our platform allows you to put a lot of creatives in your campaign. You can add different pictures, icons, come up with different texts that will attract the attention of your target audience. 

Even if one of the creatives isn’t noticed, the user always can see other creatives in your campaign.

We recommend to add at least 4-5 creatives to your campaign, all of them should be different. After the first tests, you can understand which of them work better and which should be replaced. 

At any time during the campaign you can pause the creative. 

Using several creatives in one campaign will help you find your users and achieve the desired goal as fast as possible.

To maintain a good CTR, we recommend to change them every 5 days. In addition, your personal manager will be able to help you with this!

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