Target CPA

First of all, let's start with the definition of Target CPA. 

Target CPA is an option on our platform that will help you automatically optimize your campaigns and get the ideal conversion price you need. 

This is the easiest way for you to keep track of your statistics and use it to achieve the best results possible without wasting lots of time on it. The system will do everything for you without the need to optimize on your end. 

Let’s talk about how it works. 

When creating your campaign, you can set Target CPA. 

Find the field  “CPA Goal” (see the image below) and set the conversion price you are willing to get. 

Then you activate your campaign, and when you receive more than 10 conversions, the system automatically starts to optimize your campaign till the ideal conversion cost is met. 

There are many methods that will be used to get these results. The system may create automated rules for you based on the statistics and your goals. Micro bidding — to get more traffic from the sources that are working effective bringing you lower price conversions, or make the bid for some sources, creatives, OS, subscribers lists lower, so you will not overspend on them. The system can also take down some subscribers lists, OS, creatives if they are spending your money with no result, blacklist publishers and site IDs if they are not working for you. 

So far it sounds good, isn’t it? 

Try it now, and see the results yourself!

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